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How To Cook Beets In Instant Pot Step By Step With Video Tutorial

How To Cook Beets

Beets are a beneficial and a healthy alternative source of manganese for your daily intake of food. They are 88 % water and have a rich source of foliage. Beets provide known medical effects to help with blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. There are many uses for beets such as food coloring and additional medicines. You can use beets with a variety style of cooking recipes or they can be used for creating sauces and toppings for your dinner table. Let's discuss about How To Cook Beets In Instant Pot Step By Step.

They create a sweet and low calorie texture and taste to your meals. The creative ideas of how to use beets are infinite, but how can you eat the plentiful vegetable that would be simple to process for one of your meals?

How can you cook beets the correct way for each meal? There are many ways how to cook beets, but the fastest and ideal way to eat beets would be to cook them.

The Ideal Method of Cooks Beets

Since there are many ways how to cook beets, we took this request and studied the top and fastest way to professionally cook beets. We wanted you to have a comfortable and simple way to cook beets with an easy to follow style that you can use for your future meals. We also wanted to make sure you had a clear-cut tutorial to follow so you will not have to drive yourself mad with finding the “ideal method” We wanted you to have once place to find cook beets all while making it as clear-cut as possible. You will obtain a straightforward tutorial that will allow you to reap the benefits of cooked beets, and to top that off you will also have the ability to incorporate your vision into every dish that will be a sensation for your homemade meals.

Moreover, you will be able to clearly recall how to cook beets for approaching meals. Therefore, let us start the mouthwatering cooked beets tutorial, and by the end, you will be satisfied you learned the easiest and fastest way to cook beets and even be able to share the skill with others.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

There are a few different tools and ingredients that you will need to get started cooking the beets. We have provided a few different methods for you below to cook beets. However, we want to make the process simple so we will dive into the first two styles for you to follow.

Therefore, after you have this process down, you can check the links added at the end of the article on cook beets a few different ways. The reason for this is because many dishes require different styles of cooking beets and we want to make sure you can have a fast access to this information for any of your meals. At the end, you will have the chance to combine the rest of the meal with your creativity make the dish your own with the best cooked beets that you personally created.

cook beets

Roasting/Baking Beets

What you will need:

  • ​4-5 Medium Sized Beets
  • ​Butter
  • ​Salt
  • ​Olive Oil
  • ​Baking Sheet
  • ​Wooden Spoon or Ladle
  • ​Oven• Aluminum Foil
  • ​Chef’s Knife• Cutting Board
  • ​Extra Flavoring such as Lemon Juice, Pepper, Chives, Green Onions
  • ​Gloves

​Boiling Beets

What you will need:

  • ​4-5 Medium Sized Beets
  • ​Large Pan Filled with 2/3rds of water
  • ​Large Spoon
  • ​Plate/Serving Dish
  • ​Salt
  • ​Vinegar
  • ​Chef’s Knife
  • ​Cutting Board
  • ​Gloves

A few additional styles for different recipes for you to consider are the following:

​Cooking Beets with a Microwave or Pressure Cooker

​Blanching Beets

Sautéing and Steaming Like the Pros There are many styles that you can follow but the top two are by far the sophisticated and effective way to make for your diverse styles of meals. They are three different ones to follow for those that love to have a different style. The fourth style is so you know how the pros and top chefs like to cook beets.

Cooking beets can be done in so many ways for different meals. So if you use the first two styles, which will be the easiest way to cook beets. Then after it is done you will have the ability to add any additional ingredients you desire to finish the meal with your own personal taste. The third and fourth recipes are fast and efficient, but they show you a few different ideas of what you can do with cooked beets.

Cook Beets In The Instant Pot

However, the fourth style as mentioned is one that professional cooks use, but before you try this style, it is usually recommended to try one of the first four to get the idea of the process works before you go into the professional standards. There are a few extra steps in preparation of the fourth style and there are philosophies on how to pick the best beets for each dish, but we wanted to simplify it as much as possible to get you as close to the top chefs as you can.

Becoming a top chef requires time a commitment, and we believe that if you have the desire to learn, we would love to teach, so start with this technique style guide and within no time you will be cooking like a pro. If or if you do not want to try the professional style, cooked beets will still be scrumptious and nutritious. Therefore, let us get started on how you can get your beets cooked!

How To Cook Beets : Step-By-Step Instructions

In this section, we will take you through an efficient tutorial on how to cook beets the most efficient way. You can incorporate any additional ingredients that are within the recipes during or after this process. We are going to take you through style one and two that is described above to make it the most effective process. Alternatively, you can add the cooked beets to your own meal during your recipe that it requires. Moreover, if you are interested in trying the additional styles of how to cook beets, see the links provided at the end of the tutorial.

Step - 1

Find the best beets and clean it properly

Cooks Washing

Find and Rinse The first thing you need to do is properly clean your beets. However, before you start, you need to make sure you have found the right beets that will work great with your dish. There are many beets to choose from at your local grocery store. You will want to choose beets that are fresh, solid and firm. They will have a dark leafy top and they will be heavier in size. After you have selected the right beets, you will them want to rinse them off. You can wear plastic gloves so the juice will not stain your hands. Therefore, you need to get all the dirt and debris off the beets before you go to the next step. If you forget to wear gloves, you can always use lemon juice to rub out the stain.

Step - 2

Cut The Beets Properly To Cook Well

how to cook beets in the instant pot
​Chop off the Ends The next step is to cut off the leafy part of the beet. Please be careful with this step, and while using your chef’s knife, make sure you keep the tip down on the cutting board and use a rocking motion to cut the tip off. 

We do not want any accidents so please use proper caution with this step. Place the beets leaf about ½ inch from the beet and cut. You can save the leafy part of the beats to use in future recipes such as salads or greens similar to spinach. They hold just as much nutritious value and taste amazing as well. You will not have to worry about peeling the beet, as they can be eaten like potatoes or even peeled of easier after cooking. Once the leafy part of the beets is chopped off, rinse the beet one more time with cold water.

Cut the Beets With this step you can chop the beets in half or in small pieces to fit your recipe that you are using, however if you are just going to roast them or boil them, this step is not a full necessary step.

Step - 3

Prepare You Oven For Boiling Beets

boiled beets

Prepare your Oven for Roasting or a Large Pot to Boil This step is important if you want to get your beets fully cooked thorough. Roasting your Beets: Prepare and preheat your oven to 375 degrees. In addition, please use caution with this step as the oven can get really how and can cause burns. While you are waiting for your oven to preheat, you can start to prepare your baking sheet. You can start by wrapping the beets individually with aluminum foil and drizzle a little of olive oil and salt before closing them up or any additional ingredients your recipe states.

After each beet is wrapped individually with seasoning, you can place the beet on the baking sheet and wait for the oven to finish preheating. The pros state if you cut an X on the top of each beet before wrapping it will allow the beet to cook faster and properly. 

Boiling Your Beets: If you chose to boil your beets, you will want to get your large pan and fill it around 2/3rd full of water, the beets have to be able to be covered while they are being boiled for a well cooked beet. Bring your water on the stove to a boil and add a sprinkle of salt or seasonings of your choice. By doing this will allow the seasoned water to be sucked into the beet for a more round flavoring.

Step - 4

Safe Yourself By Preheating Your Beets

Cook the Beets In this step you will be cooking your beets, please use the proper caution with this step as the water on the stove or the ovens heat can burn you. Safety first, so use oven mits to protect yourself and utilize a stance where you will not get hurt. Cooking Beets in Oven or Roasting Beets: Since you have already prepared your pan with the beets individually wrapped, using your oven mit, place the tray gradually in the oven and close the door.

Step - 5

How To Boil Your Beets

how to cook beets

You will want to roast them until they are soft, which is usually around 50-60 min. Boiling the Beets: Since you have already prepared your beets and have your water boiling on the stove, you will want to use a large spoon and slowly place each beet in the boiling water. Please use caution as the boiling water can burn you. After you place each of the beets in the water cover them with a lid and reduce the heat to a simmer. You will want to leave them in the pan for about an hour, or until they are soft. You can check the softness by sticking a fork in them slightly, and if it goes through easy without any pressure, they are done. If not, then you will want to cook them a little longer.

Removing the Beets After your beets are cook properly and they are soft, you will want to carefully take them out of the oven and place them on the stove to cool. If you are boiling them, take your pan and let cold water run over them for around 3-4 minutes.

They should be cool enough to touch and peel the outside at this point. If you pulled them out of the oven, let them sit until the foil is cooled off and they are easy to handle with your fingers. Just be careful when touching the beets, and they still can be hot at this point.

Step - 6

What Vegetable Will Need To Cook Beets

beets vegetables

Season and add the cooked beets to your meal After your beets are properly cooked, but you can add your butter, vinegar, oils or seasonings, etc. to the dish. Let the cooked beets sit in the seasoning for a minute or so to “soak in” the flavors. You can also stir the cooked beets to get the flavor into each section for more tasty results. Use this step to add additional vegetables, or create a beautiful dish. The red coloring makes any meal pop with beauty, so get your imagination going. Just make sure in this step to not over season your beets, or the meal could potentially be ruined. It is better to add less, and then after the meal is done and tasted, you can incorporate a little more to your satisfaction.

After the cooked beets are prepped with flavor or additional elements, add them slowly to your meal that you are currently working on or add them into your salad. Just make sure, that you scoop them with a spoon into the area of choice. Do not let them slip out of the dish on the floor.

Final Step

Serve You are now at the last step; you can put the cooked beets in a isolated bowl if your meal did not require them to be cooked or to allow others a decision on how much they each want. Using a large spoon just be aware to not drop the cooked beets, preventing accidents or loss of product and then allow everyone to dig in. The charm of the cooked beets will make everyone’s mouth start watering even if it is for a salad. Cooked beets are tasteful way to add a wholesome flavor to a variety of meals.


how to cook beets infographic

After completing the steps above how to cook beets, you have now successfully and expertly fashioned your own cooked beets. Your meal will taste magnificent if the cooked beets are cooked properly and not over seasoned. Just remember to have fun; cooked beets are a mouthwatering treat to give anyone. What recipe did you follow? Did this guide help you cook beets? We love to hear feedback on everyone process and we also love to see how they incorporated their own ideas into the method. It is always good to hear back from our readers as it helps us understand how we can help you more.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and please feel free to share the article to your friends and family. Let us know how you benefited from cooking beets. We love cooked beets and we feel that more people need to learn and hear about the health values that it can bring to the dinner table. We hope you enjoyed the article on how to cook beets, and we look forward to hearing what you think of it.

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