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The Complete Guide Of How To Reheat Pizza 2020 – WikitPro

How to reheat pizza

How to reheat pizza

Reheating pizza is something we all wish we had a fast and simple way to accomplish this task. We all love pizza, no matter if it is an hour or a day after it was bought, we love to devour the leftovers. There is no way to eat pizza as if it came right out of the oven, but there are ways to get it close as possible to the “right out of the oven” feel and taste.

You can go order your pizza and enjoy it one night, then for the next if you do not feel like cooking, reheating pizza might be the way to go! We had an inquiry on How To Reheat Pizza, and we decided to fulfill this question to the simplest and fastest way for you to be able to enjoy that tasty pie that you had not long ago.

Pizza is one of today’s most sought after product and choice of food. You will want to eat the pizza as if you pulled it out of the oven with the grease and cheese melting all over your hands. This tutorial and guide will give you steps on prepping your pizza as well as give you a few idea on how you can reheat your pizza within a time frame that as soon as your mouth starts watering, you will be able to enjoy it just as much as when it was ordered, well as close as possible. Some of these ideas may be new to you and if done correctly can end up giving you a better tasting piece of that pizza than when you first ordered it!

What You Will Need To Reheat Pizza

There are only a few different tools that you will need to complete this process. We have included a few different styles that you can choose from however, we wanted to give you the result that was tested to be the best and simplest way to reheat your pizza. Leftover pizza is tasty, and you can even take it to the next level by adding your own ingredients if you choose to be creative. People love to try different methods of reheating pizza, but there were only a few ways that we thought were the best and most efficient. You will not have to suffer eating that cold pizza that tastes old unless you like that sort of thing.

However, lukewarm cheese is not fun to eat for most. So settling for hot cheese without being overcooked was our way of thinking. In addition, we wanted to find a way to reheat pizza without the bread getting hard. We wanted to get as close to the real thing as possible. So take your chances and try the different methods listed below and see how they work for you.

The Process Of Reheating Pizza

How To Reheat Pizza 2019. Infographic

How To Reheat Pizza 2019. Infographic

However, before we get started on the reheating process, make sure you look at how you stored the pizza the night before. Did you just keep it in the box and throw it in the fridge? On the other hand, did you wrap it with paper towels and put it into a plastic bag to seal the moisture? If you have stored it the second way, you are on your way to a great tasting leftover as the plastic bag and paper towels ensure the freshness that was originally there.

If you only threw it in the fridge in the box, you might have a harder time to get the desired reheat. Cardboard has been known to extract moisture that is why you can get some really bad cuts on your fingers when opening a lot of boxes. So maybe we all can remember to avoid this technique when storing our leftover pizza if we want to have a great success in the next day’s dinner.

Method One :

Reheat Pizza in the Microwave – 

  • What you will need:
  • ​Slice of pizza
  • ​Paper Towel
  • ​Plate
  • ​Microwave
  • ​Napkins
Method Two:

Reheat Pizza in the Oven

  • ​Slice of pizza, or the whole pie
  • ​Flat oven pizza pan
  • ​Oven gloves
  • ​Oven
  • ​Timer
  • ​Plate
  • ​Napkins

Method Three:

Reheat Your Pizza on the Skillet – 

  • ​Slice of pizza
  • ​Skillet
  • ​Tongs
  • ​Plate
  • ​Napkins A few other methods included a grill or even a fireplace.

However, they were not as efficient and as simple as the other three. There is a link added at the end of the article for how to reheat pizza on a grill if that method interests you. There have been some people say that it is a good method, but there are others that declare the three above were easiest and ultimately gave them the results they were looking for. Since there are many methods that you can follow but we have reviewed and tested the methods ourselves and also voted that the above-mentioned methods are the best.

How To Reheat Pizza: Step-By-Step Instructions


pizza reheating

pizza reheating

In this section, we will take you through a professional tutorial on how to reheat your pizza the best way. You can incorporate any additional ingredients that are to your liking during or after this process. It is up to you if you want to incorporate that extra Parmesan cheese or red peppers as you are reheating the pizza.

Let’s See The Method Of Reheat Pizza

Step One: Pull the pizza out So if you learned how to store your leftover pizza you will know that you need to pull the pizza out of the fridge and take off all the paper towels. Toss them into the trash and set the pizza on a plate. You will also need to throw away the plastic bag, as you most likely will not use it again unless you still want to store any pizza that you are not reheating.

Step Two: Pick Reheating Method After you have pulled out the pizza, you need to choose how you are going to reheat it. Are you going to place it in the microwave, use the oven or try out the skillet? If you chose the microwave, then skip to the next step. will you choose the oven or skillet, you will need to preheat them. If you pick out the oven, prep the oven to 350 degrees. will you decided on the skillet then preheat it on medium for a few minutes?

Step Three: Reheating Your Pizza Yes, the time has come to get the pizza going. We are sure your mouth is watering now, just thinking of the meal you are about to have. Please use caution on this step as the pizza can get very hot and the grease can burn you. So please use the proper techniques when operating the equipment of your choice and carefully placing your pizza in the oven or skillet and when taking it out.

Method of the Microwave


pizza in microwave

pizza in the microwave

This is the fastest and most convenient way to reheat your pizza, and it is the method that almost everyone knows about. Nevertheless, do they know the exact method to get the pizza to the right temperature? If you do not please follow these next simple steps.

  • ​Put a paper towel on the microwavable plate, and then set your pizza on top of it. It will help with absorbing excess moisture.
  • ​Then turn your microwave settings to around fifty percent usage of power. (Read your microwave instructional manual is you do not know how to do this).
  • ​Place the plate with the pizza in the microwave and run it for one whole minute.

Method of the Oven


pizza in Oven

pizza in Oven

You will have to make sure you wait until your oven is fully preheated and that beeper goes off to let you know it is ready for the maximum results in this method. Patience is key with this method, but the end result will taste amazing. If your oven is fully preheated, then continue to follow the next few steps.

  • ​After the oven is preheated you can place the pizza directly on the rack (pros do this), or you can set the pizza on a pizza pan and place it on the oven rack. Please use caution as this can be really hot and possible burns can happen if you are not careful
  • ​Close the oven door and set the timer for five minutes and wait. Method of the Skillet: The skillet is a top choice for most of our reviewers and team of researchers, as it provides a simple but efficient way to get your pizza almost perfect. If your skillet has been preheated for a few minutes on medium then follow the next few simple steps.

However, please use caution as using this method can cause injuries if you are not careful.

After the skillet is preheated, gently put the pizza on and close the lid, or cover the pan. This will help with getting the cheese to cook properly. If your skillet does not have a lid, the aluminum foil should work just the same, just be careful if you already preheated it when using foil to cover.

​Cook the pizza for six to eight minutes; you will hear the cheese starts to bubble when it is ready.


Step Four: Season In this step, your pizza should already be almost ready to go. You are welcome to add that extra parmesan cheese and red peppers at this time. Just be careful when doing do like the pizza and the equipment used to reheat the pizza is really hot. However, season to your likings, just not too much or it will not taste good.

Step Five: Serve you are now ready to eat that pizza that is melting in front of you. So carefully, with tongs or with an oven mitt take the pizza out of the microwave, oven or skillet and place it on a plate. Remove any paper towels if the were uses and throw away. Set the plate down and blow on the pizza so it does not burn your mouth and when you are ready, take your first bite and enjoy!


After completing the steps above, you have now successfully and expertly fashioned your own reheated pizza! Just remember that by adding too much seasoning to your pizza could make the meal bad. Also remember that you need to keep an eye on the timer or the pizza when cooking, because under or overcooking it can cause an adverse reaction to actually fully reheating pizza.

What method did you follow? Did this tutorial help you reheat your pizza? How did it taste and turn out? Did you learn of a new method that you have not tried? Or did you learn for the first time how to reheat pizza? We love to hear feedback on everyone process and we also love to see how they incorporated their own ideas into the method. It is always good to hear back from our readers as it helps us understand how we can help you more.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and please feel free to share the article with your friends and family. Let us know how you benefited from reheating your pizza with our researched methods. We hope you enjoyed the article on how to reheat pizza, and we look forward to hearing what you think of it.

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Yeah, no. Pizza NEVER tastes the same because the chemical makeup of each part has changed from when it was uncooked and cooking it again will again change the makeup and will be worse no matter what you do. You cant cook something twice and have the same type of result, thats idiotic.

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