Navy Beans

How To Cook Navy Beans

Many beans eaters will be interested in knowing how to cook navy beans. Cooking it in the house will prove to be more profitable and valuable than eating canned ones.

What is Navy beans?

Navy beans are special species of beans, and they are common in the Americas. This is where it is abundantly grown, though it is now grown in some other parts of the world. This means that it is now widely consumed across the world. They are often distinguished from other beans species by their sizes and color. They are usually dry, small, and white. The beans have flattened shape. There are canned ones as well. You can always decide which one you want to prepare.

These beans are popular because of health reasons. It is not surprised that it is widely consumed in the Americas and several other parts of the world. Just like other proteins, the beans have several nutritional values. Taking beans for instance can reduce cholesterol. This is good news for many cholesterol patents. There are different ways to prepare it and you can prepare it with different kinds of ingredients. Ingredients used to prepare matter a lot because it determines the flavor and nutrition.

Why Navy Beans So Important For Us?

It is also popular because it is rich in important nutrients like pericardium acid, ferule acid, and in addition to that, they posses cancer fighting features. 

This is one major reason cancer patients can consume it. Even those trying to avoid cancer consume navy beans. As traditional beans they can be consumed in the baked form. They are also available in the popular French dish known as casserole. There are indeed different ways you can consume the food.

navy bean

Another reason that makes it popular is the affordability. Many people can afford it and because of that, many people can get it when they want it. It has lots of benefits and before you enjoy these benefits, you have to prepare them very well.

How To Cook Navy Beans Fast

If you want to derive most of those benefits mentioned above then, you must prepare the beans very well. Because of that, you must pay special attention to way and manner you prepare the navy beans. Just like other dry beans, they can be delicious when you prepare them properly.

Simple tips below are to assist you prepare these beans. To start the preparation, you have to start with ingredients. Some of the ingredients you require to prepare 1.1b dry navy beans are as follows:

Ingredients Required To Prepare Navy Beans

1 onions small

1 stalk celery

Several garlic cloves

Olive oil 

Tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes, romas, canned, as well as chopped tomatoes and so on

Slices of bacon or pancetta, but this is optional.

If you cook the navy beans very well, there will be no need to resort to the canned version any more. Tips provided below can help anybody even a novice to prepare it.

Start From Quality Beans

What determines quality beans is the method of preservation. To start with, it is recommended that you look for a good quality beans. Some of the products sold on the market are the best quality, because expired. This is always the reasons when the beans are not well preserved. When they are not well preserved, it means that they are not fresh to use. Do not use those preserved in the silos for a very long time. Because of that, you have to buy from fresher beans and to do that, you can buy from growers directly.

Do not buy those preserved for more than three years. They may not be the best. As said buy fresh ones from navy beans growers.

how to cook navy beans in slow cooker

Rinse thoroughly and pick particles and stones away 

When you have made a perfect selection of quality beans to cook, then you have to rinse it, and remove unwanted particles from the beans. It is common to see pebbles and dirt often litter the beans and these are not good for your consumption.

The point to note here is that dry navy beans are often stoned and discolored with kernels. Such things must be picked out before you begin to cook them. When the beans are discolored, it simply shows that it is not good for consumption.

Ensure that you remove any hidden small rock in the beans. 

If you like, you can even prepare canned navy beans. It is better to prepare and it is not difficult to prepare them. Canned navy beans are easier to prepare than the dry ones. If you want to cook canned beans, just cook is slightly shortly with ingredients listed above. It does not take time before the beans are done and will be ready for your consumption.

There are different ways of cooking your navy beans. You can prepare them on a stove and you can prepare them on a slower cooker. You can choose your method. The most important thing is to be able to control the quantity of heat you apply to the system.

When you want to rinse the beans, it is better to do that with a large pot or a bowl and put the beans inside it. Any impurities remaining after picking them will be removed by rinsing them in cold water.

Soak the beans with water for the first round cooking 

To cook your dry beans the first thing that you have to do is to soak them in water. Soak them in a bowl or in a pot when you have rinsed them. You should cover it with cold water completely. The quantity of water to use to cover the beans depends on the quantity of beans that you want to cook.

If for instance that you want to cook.45kg of navy beans then it is recommended that you use eight cups of water that is cold water to cover it. When you have covered it, allow it to soak and you can allow it for at least eight hours. If you like, you can soak and leave it overnight in water. It is better to soak it for night when you are not in a hurry to prepare the beans.

This is will help because the water will help to break down the beans further. First, it will break down the enzymes inside such beans. When this done, the gas content in it goes down. This makes it safer to eat.

Simmer the navy beans using appropriate temperature

The next step is to simmer the beans. This means that you have to remove it from the water it is soaked overnight. Wash them, put them in a pot, and again ensure that you cover it with water. If you add up to six cups of water to cover the beans, it is good. Use hot water and no hot water to cover it this time. Remember that this is for .45kg of navy beans.

Put on your cooking instrument such as the stove and simmer it for the next 2 hours of slightly less than that.

 The next thing to do is to add the other ingredients such as tomatoes. Cook this very well applying heat. Cook it in your frying pan as well. When you cook, you will observe that this will infuse to the rest of food you are cooking without difficulty. This will equally give the opportunity for nuanced flavors if you want. You can achieve that you putting seasonings and spices such as thyme and rosemary and so on.
How To Cook Navy Beans

Cook to your desired tenderness

You can adjust your cooking time depending on the tenderness you want for your beans. If you want the beans to be firm, then you can adjust the cooking time. In the same way, if you want the beans to be soft, then you have to cook it longer. The choice is yours to make.

While cooking the navy beans, you will observe foam forming on the top of the cooking water. To address that problem, you can put tablespoons of olive oil, or water to it. One to two tablespoons of that is enough for your purpose. When you add that, it will instantly cut down the foam. Meanwhile, you do not have to add salt immediately. It is better that you allow the beans to be cooked completely before you contemplate adding salt. You should not add salt earlier, because it hinders the rehydration process of the beans. This is not good for the beans, because it can make the beans to be tough and many people will not like it this way.

Prepare your ingredients

The next thing to do is to put your ingredients. You have to chop the ingredients, you have provided to smaller sizes. Use sharpened knife to achieve a better result. You can use it cut such ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, celery, as well as onion and so on to sizes of your choice. It is always better to make it smaller.

These ingredients are good and if you cut them smaller, you will like it as it will give flavor to your food. When cutting that ensure that it is smooth and that the cutting is consistent.

How To Cook Navy Beans In Instant Pot

How To Cook Navy Beans

Remember that you have to make a good ingredient combination. If you want to use tomatoes, you can choose cherry or roma tomatoes. These are the best because they can always work well with this kind of beans. In addition to that, you can add heirloom tomatoes. They are good as they make for rich and delicious flavor.

Furthermore, you can add some chopped bacon or pancetta. Few slices of these can add flavor to your dish. If you want to eat enough of meat, you can add more quantities to it. The quantity depends on what you can afford, and the quantity that you can consume. For those who do not like eating bacon or pancetta, they can start with sausage and chopped chicken.

how to cook navy beans in a crock pot

Best Recipe For Navy Bean Soup

You can always add any kind of meat you like eating, but the most important thing is that you have to sauté it until it is thoroughly cooked. How long to cook the meat depends on the results you want to achieve. If you want the meat to be chunkier and thicker, then it is recommended that you cook it longer.

Moreover, you have to cook your ingredients as well, and while you do that, you do not need to intensify the heat, instead lower the heat if you want. The most important thing is that you have to cook it until you have browned onion and bacons.

Cook Navy Beans Without Soaking

Moreover, you have to sauté the celery, onion, as well as garlic in that olive oil. Before you do that, coat the saucepan you want to use with a thin layer of oil olive and apply medium heat thereafter. Depending on your choice, it is better to cook such ingredients like garlic, celery and onion and other ingredients for three to five minutes.

Continue to cook until you notice any color change in the garlic. When it is browning then, you have to reduce the heat. When this is done, then you are ready for the next stage of your cooking. Remember that you should not cook garlic for too long because the taste will be bitter and many people will not like it that way.

Add your beans

This is the time to add your beans. You can mix the beans with the ingredients and cook them briefly. This is to make the beans take the ingredients flavor. Cook it alone with the ingredients for just sixty seconds and you can cook further if you wish to tenderize the beans. To do that, you have to put more quantities of water and ensure that the bean is covered with water. If you like, you can increase the quantity of beans you add to the dish. However, you have to bear in mind the quantity of ingredients available and ensure that you mix them very well.

If you so desire and depending on the kind of results you want to achieve, it is always recommended to simmer the beans with the other ingredients. If during the time you cooked the beans that you have not achieved the type of tenderness you desire, then you can simmer it with the ingredients for a longer time.

To ensure that you do not overcook the ingredients, it is always better to cook the cook the beans separately to achieve the kind of tenderness you want for your beans. When you have mixed the beans with other ingredients, ensure that you bring them to a boil. When it is boiled, lower the heat and allow it to continue simmering under that reduced heat. It can continue at that temperature until the beans tenders to your desired level.

Serve your food

You have finished cooking your navy beans and this is the time to garnish it and serve it to your family and friends. Before you serve it however, you can improve the quality by adding accents to it. Apart from the fact that the dish will be delicious, it will be presentable as well.

There are many accents, which you can add to it to improve its quality. Some of the recommended items include chopped parsley, as well as parsley sprig and so on.

Important tips

You know that you have to soak the beans for at least eight hours or overnight. This is always the case when you have the time. If, however that you do not have the time to soak that long, you can skip the overnight and then soak it briefly for a few hours and proceed with other cooking processes.

After soaking briefly, you can then rinse it and have then in a saucepan where you cover it with one inch of water and this depends on the quantities you want to cook.


Navy bean is a popular beans and many people all over the world are consuming them. It is therefore not surprising that many people will like to know how to cook it to derive those benefits it provides. Tips provided above can help you cook your delicious navy beans.

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