How To Chop Green Onions

How To Chop Green Onions
Green onions or as some people call, scallions, are a nutritious and a healthy substitute source of fiber, and is a great blood booster for those with weak immune systems. Let's talk about how to chop greens onions?

It also is a great foundation to build up your daily intake of health promoting compounds. Green onions are bountiful with vitamins and only contain around 32 calories. They are prominently known for their bone and heart boosters but also have been show to help in weight loss. Green onions are a great way to boost your immunity, block cancer growth, improve bone health, and helps blood clotting, if eaten in quantities and not overly spiced.

How To Cut Green Onions

The benefits are vast with green onions, but how can you eat the abundant vegetable that would be simple to process? How can you chop green onions the correct way for each meal? 

There are many ways to cut or chop green onions, but the fastest and most regular way to chop the green onions would be to use a chef’s knife. We took this request and studied the top and fastest way to professionally chop green onions.

We wanted you to have the informal and simplest way to chop green onions with a precision technique that you can use for your future meals. We also wanted to make sure you had a clear-cut tutorial to follow so you will not have to drive yourself mad with finding the “ideal procedure” We wanted you to have once place to find how to chop green onions all while making it as straightforward as possible.

How Best To Chop Green Onions

How Best To Chop Green Onions

You will obtain a uncomplicated tutorial that will allow you to reap the benefits of chopped onions, and to top that off you will also have the ability to incorporate your imagination into every dish that will need to be a success with green onions.

You will have your coworkers at that weekday luncheon or even your family wondering how you confidently put this dish together as they are consuming it at mealtime. Moreover, you will be able to clearly recollect how to chop green onions for upcoming meals.

Therefore, let us start getting down to the scrumptious product of green onions, and by the end of this tutorial, you will be proud you learned the easiest and fastest way to chop green onions and even be able to share the technique with others.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

There are a few different tools and ingredients that you will need to get started. We have provided a few different styles for you below to follow to chop your green onions.

However, we want to make the process simple so we will dive into the first style to start your journey on chopping green onions. Therefore, after you have this process down, you can check the links added at the end of the article on how to chop green onion a few different ways. 

chop green beans

The reason for this is because many dishes require different styles of chopping onions and we want to make sure you can have access to this information for your dish. At the end, you will have the chance to incorporate the rest of the meal and your vision to fully make the dish your own with the best chopped onions that you personally created.

Cut With a Chef Knife What you will need:

  • ​One green onion (equals about 2 tablespoons of sliced product)
  • ​Large Chef’s Knife
  • ​Cutting Board
  • ​Small Bowl
  • ​Strainer(or faucet with running water for rinsing and draining)
  • Spoon A few additional styles for different recipes for you to consider are the following:

Chopping Green Onions With Hand Slicer

There are many styles that you can follow but the top four are by far the sophisticated and fastest to make for your variety of meals. They are three different ones to follow for those that love to have a different style.

The fourth style is so you know how the pros and top chefs like to chop their green onions. Chopping green onions can be done in so many ways for different meals, so if you use the first style, which will be the easiest way to chop green onions, then after it is done you will have the ability to add any additional ingredients you desire to finish the meal with your own personal vision.

green onions slicer

The second and third recipes are fast and efficient, but they show you a few different ideas of what you can do with chopped green onions.

However, the fourth style as mentioned is one that professional cooks use, but before you try this style, it is usually recommended to try the first one to get the idea of the process before you go into the professional standards.

How To Chop Green Onions : Step-By-Step Instructions

How To Chop Green Onions

In this section, we will take you through an efficient tutorial on how to chop green onions the best way. You can incorporate any additional ingredients that are within the recipes during or after this process.

We are going to take you through the style one that is described above to make it the easiest process. Alternatively, you can add the green onions to your own meal during your recipe that it requires.

However, there is usually one basic way to chop green onions, and how you alter it with spices is up to you to get the desired taste that you seek after.

Clean Your Green Onions Properly

Rinse The first thing you need to do is properly clean your green onions, so make sure you rinse the green onions off in the sink and set to dry. The pros prompt that if you pat dry the green onions, it helps the green onions cook more thorough or are easier to chop.

In addition, it helps keep the texture that we all fancy that green onions bring to the table. After you have rinsed and dried the green onions, remove off any bruised sections or areas that are too soggy to the touch.

cleaning green onions

There sometimes gets a thin layer of film on the outside of each stock of green onion. They will need to be removed and thrown out.

The green onions should fit tight around the stem with no loose or extra leaves. There should not be any damaged leaves or stems left before you are going to chop your green onions.

Cut Your Green Onions Carefully

Chop off the Ends You will need to get your cutting board on a flat surface for this step. Once your green onions are dried, place them on the cutting board. You then can take your chef’s knife, please use caution, we don’t want anyone to get hurt, and carefully holding the tip of the chef’s knife on the cutting board, place the green onion underneath it. Place the green onion approximately 1/8th of an inch above the roots (a portion of the white area is this section you will need to remove first.) Make a cut slowly to not cut your fingers to take the unwanted piece off and toss it aside.

cutting green onions

Chop off the Tips For this step after all the ends are tossed out, turn the green onions around and cut off the tips of the onions. You will want to make sure that it falls around one to two inches from the top. The tips will also need to be thrown out.

The Process of Cut Green Onions

Chop the Green Onions All right now you have made it to this step, this is the most crucial part as this will make or break your meal. You will want to place the green onions under the knife and with the tip of the knife on the cutting board, slice the green onion using a rocking motion at a 45-degree angle and make sure with each cut down the stock to cut roughly about ½ inch apart.

This will make sure each bite in your meal is equally divided and proportioned. This style is great for salads, garnishes and recipes that the onion will not need to be cooked.Rinse and Drain (Pro Tip) In this step, you will need to add the onions to your strainer and rinse them again, but not too much. Set them aside to dry.

Seasoning Your Green Onions

Season and add the chopped green onions to your meal After your green onions are properly chopped, but you can add your butter, salts, pepper, seasonings, etc. to the dish. Let the green onions set in the seasoning for a minute or so to “soak in” the flavors. You can also stir the green onions to get the flavor into each section for more tasty results.

Season Green Onions

The pros use numerous styles of seasoning. Some use this step to add bacon, additional vegetables, or even cheese. Just make sure in this step to not over season your green onions, or the meal could potentially be ruined. It is better to add less, and then after the meal is done and tasted, you can incorporate a little more to your satisfaction.

After the green onions are prepped with flavor or additional ingredients, add them slowly to your meal that you are currently working on or add them into your salad. Just make sure, that you pour them into the area of choice to not let them slip out of the dish on the floor. Green onions can be tricky sometimes.

Chop Green Onions With Tasteful Ingredients

Serve You are now at the last step, you can set the finished meal on the table for all to admire, or you can distribute it up to make sure everyone get a taste of the chopped green onions you have personally just prepared for their mouths.

You can put the green onions in a separate bowl if your meal did not require them to be cooked or to allow others a decision on how much they each want. Using a large spoon just be aware to not drop the green onions, preventing accidents or loss of product allow everyone to dig in.

The appeal of the green onions will make everyone’s mouth start watering even if it is for a salad. Chopped green onions are tasteful way to add a nutritious flavor to a variety of meals; even kids appreciate the way green onions give a meal dimension. There are mentions of some pros chopping green onions to even add an alluring of color to their meals.


After completing the steps above, you have now successfully and skillfully constructed your own chopped green onions. Just remember that by adding too many green onions to your dish could make the meal overbearing, so no matter how tasty your invention turned out, which I am sure it did, to eat it within a logical reasoning. Too much green onion can lead to a malfunction in medication, if you already have thin blood, eating too many green onions can make this problem more of an issue.

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