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Best Vegetable Slicer – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Cutting vegetables could be one of the most tedious activities in every household. A lot of effort, time and multiples equipment are needed for not only shredding but also slicing vegetables in different ways. Whether you're yearning to make perfect spicy salsa, pesto or savory smoothies, one of the best tool to use is a best vegetable slicer. These gadgets make dicing, slicing, grating and dicing fun with their innovative features and patented designs.

With all these benefits, you may be planning to get in the market and shop or replace your vegetable slicer. Nevertheless, you must be well focused and prepared, so that you get a quality product. Buying a poor quality product is usually a frustrating thing. Here we bring you the top 5 best vegetable slicers.

Kitchen Active Spiral Slicer - Best Vegetable Slicer

Once your kitchen is equipped with designed and advanced high-grade accessories, you'll always feel excited. Kitchen Active Spiral Slicer is worth your consideration. It will always favor your tight budget. This Kitchen Active's model is made of food-safe and high-grade ABS plastic. Therefore, there it is risk-free from food poisoning. Also, the plastic is also chemical and BPA-free, yet still light in weight. Handling it is never a problem.

The fitted Japanese top-grade stainless steel blades offer a sharper and faster way of making excellent vegetable slices. Moreover, this unit includes a cap that is used to reduce food wasting whenever your vegetable which is being sliced gets smaller. In fact, it can easily dice tomatoes, onions and potatoes, and shred cabbages. I would recommend you to purchase this product.


  • Easy handling
  • Cuts risk-free
  • Can easily slice vegetables, dice potatoes, and shred cabbages
  • Easy to store and use
  • Affordable and still highly effective


  • It has a thin inserts slice

LiBa LBMS080615 Vegetable Slicer Machine

The LiBa LBMS080615 is a reputable vegetable mandoline slicer currently flourishing in the market. It is the right kitchen gadget for turning your vegetables and fruits into an invisible and veritable culinary adventure. With it, you'll never find the kitchen task too boring and tedious again. The five available settings will ensure the best activity when it comes to slicing your food in creative ways. Made from ABS plastics that don't leak dangerous chemicals, this product will ensure healthy food. Even superior safety recommends it.

To mention, it is a lightweight model hence it is easy to clean and use it. The rubber footing is built to be slip resistant, therefore, no worry about any slip-ups when preparing your dinner. Additionally, it has great guards that protect fingers to ensure safety. Grab this vegetable slicer and you will prepare julienne carrots and tomatoes in just seconds.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle, use and clean
  • Prevents food contamination and injury
  • Makes your cooking interesting
  • Set in 5 different settings


  • Little bit too big hence hard to handle

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade 8in1 Spiral Slicer

Here comes a reputable and great performance spiral vegetable slicer that is durable. With its innovative designs, Mueller Spiral can be the best alternative for you. Its vertical slicer design guarantees no cases of risky and unnatural movements.  If you love making vegetable noodles plus baked stylish potato clips, then this vegetable slicer is the best choice for you.

Also, it features a multi-function. This model comes with eight (8) functions in one unit. Among these functions include mandolin, juicer, and grater. Don't forget the number of high-premium German stainless steel blades. I suggest you to acquire this product and enjoy cooking your dinner.


  • Stylish design and durable
  • Vertical slicer design ensures safety
  • Made of stainless steel blades
  • Ensures no food poisoning
  • Multiple functions in-one-unit


  • The plastic material can get food staining

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Slicer

If you're looking for a model that guarantees great results, without having to pay for bells and whistles, then OXO Good Grips is your answer. It has a nice touch that lets you slice your vegetables nicely. This makes the slices to settle well on the cutting board or on the plate you're using. Surprisingly, you can even hook your veggie slicer over the bowl, for easy usage. This model is designed with your convenience in mind. To make this clear, it comes with the non-slip foot and handles so there is no worry about the slip-up. 

Important to mention, the product is dishwasher safe. With this, no time consuming or maintenance needed. There is every reason to appreciate and praise OXO Good Grips. Just look at its patented features that are basic. They are highly functional. In the end, this slicer will get the job done. I would advise you to buy it and save time in the kitchen.


  • An inexpensive model
  • Easy to handle
  • No maintenance needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Have shape blades that can cause injury

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 3-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Whenever you think about kitchenware, Pederno is one name that should come first. It is the top rated vegetable slicer available today. Paderno has incredible and supportive features that makes it unique when compared with other models. First, the tools feature 3 unique sets of quality blades. Therefore, you're allowed to cut up vegetables quickly for cooking and in various slicing styles.

The slicer also includes impact-resistant material that keeps the unit against shattering especially if it drops on your hard kitchen floor. Furthermore, the included storage compartment offers enough room for storing extra blades. I can't wait to slice the vegetables with this tool. It is absolutely the best.


  • Made of impact resistant material
  • Has 3 stainless steel top-grade blades
  • Easy to use
  • Has roomy storage compartment
  • Requires little maintenance


  • The plastic may stain

Things to Consider When Buying a Vegetable Slicer

vegetable slicer

vegetable slicer

Vegetable slicers are fine for making your job easy in the kitchen. The important part is that the equipment will help you design perfect and prepare magnificent looking meals. Noticeably, only minimal effort is required from your part.

However, when choosing the perfect model, you must be very attentive since there are plenty of models in the market. Finding the best option may turn out to be a win-lose situation. Here we have prepared various things to consider when buying a vegetable slicer.

Safety For Best Vegetable Slicer And Chopper

This factor always applies in every situation especially when it comes to kitchen activities. There are certain things to take into consideration when we're talking about safety. For starters, make sure the slicer you choose is stable such that it will not move when you slide vegetables on the blade.

Therefore, rubber feet are must. Also, consider a solid guard that ensures your hands are well protected against sharp blades. In addition, check the material used to make the model. The best material is stainless still because it ensures no food poisoning or contamination. In simple terms, it neither corrodes nor rust. Keep in mind that your health is important.

Different settings

If you're serious about vegetable slicers, aim for the slicer with various settings. This type of product is of great quality and value whenever you're using it. These settings permit you to adjust the thickness when doing your slicing tasks. While you may like your carrots to be finely sliced, so that you can turn them to into French fries, the potatoes should be sliced with the right thickness. It is obvious that you will get the best dinner when you apply the best settings.

Ease of cleaning For Vegetable Slicer

Cleaning is of the tiresome tasks that many of us try to avoid. Ultimately, you'll want a tool that is dishwasher safe. It gives you an easy run. After you're done with kitchen activities and food preparation, you need to wash your vegetable slicer. Your choice should give you no worries when it comes to cleaning. You only need to put the blades in your dishwasher, then let the machine do the work for you.

Quality and durability

A good vegetable slicer should be of great quality. Also, it should give the best results you need to make your cooking amazing. One thing is that the model should be easy to use and faster when it comes to performance. Durability means the duration that this tool will operate. Choose the slicer made of strong material that does not rust and corrode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best vegetable slicer

best vegetable slicer

1. How do vegetable slicers work?

Vegetable slicers are important tools when making a delicious dinner. Most of them work by having parallel surfaces so that vegetables can slide across a surface and meet up with another surface that has a blade that slices the food. The vegetables are cut into different or uniform thicknesses. Here, you get your job ready and done.

2. What type of cuts can vegetable slicers make?

Vegetable slicers can slice veggies into uniform thicknesses. However, the thickness of the slices is adjustable. This depends on how far apart the surfaces are set. Various styles of slicers also create julienne cuts. In addition, smooth and sharp blades make more decorative and straight cut such as waffle or crinkle cuts. Am sure with the best cut, you can add an aesthetic quality to your food.

​3. What types of food do vegetable slicers slice?

Vegetable slicers can easily slice or cut numerous types of food. You only need to put the vegetables on the platform of your slicer. Primarily, they are used to cut vegetables and fruits into uniform sizes and shapes. Some of the fruits include potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. You can also cut hard cheeses for salads and fresh arrangements. Using a more decorative blade, you can make a beautiful presentation and look of the food.

4. What is the finest method of cleaning vegetable slicers?

Vegetable slicers should be cleaned exactly after each use. With this, it is easier to remove any vegetable or fruit remains before it stains the important part of a slicer. The slicers can be taken in a way that you can be able to wash the blades and platform independently. The best way to clean these tool is by use of hands. Also, a dishwasher is important. You may need a lot of oil to ensure the slicer operates at peak performance.

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, the best vegetable slicer should bring excellent results. You have no reason to struggle while using tiresome, ineffective and risky knives when cutting or shredding vegetables. You should upgrade and replace your tool with the best tool and be the 21st-century chef. In our review, we have different slicers that are characterized by different features and designs.

Up the game, OXO Good Grips Vegetable Slicer is the best tool as compared to others. It is an efficient, safe, convenient tool that will make your work easier. It is easy to clean it and is made of stainless steel that ensures your food is healthy. Also, it is easy to use this tool and requires just little maintenance.

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