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Best Cheese Slicer Reviews 2019 – Choose The Right One

Let’s be honest, you’ll find it difficult to cut a wonderful, same and proper piece of cheese. But again, it will be okay if you satisfy your taste. Of course, you need a delicious piece of cheese to make your dish look superb. Practical and inexpensive, the best cheese slicer can ease up your tiresome slicing work.

Do you want to add elegance to your plate? If yes, the best cheese slicers will make your dream come true.

With their built-in wires, blades and adjustment dials, you can make a quality cheese every time. Be it soft or hard cheese, there is always a reliable slicer for everyone. Our best cheese slicer review will assist you to make a good choice. Prepare the beautiful cheese for your friends and family any time. Let them feel excited once more.

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

With the best-rated cheese slicer, there is an assurance of enjoying different variety of cheese. Luck enough, Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer is the best cheese slicer ever. There is no problem with having different slice thickness. For enhanced durability, solid zinc alloy is used to make the Bellemain. An adjusted metal cheese wire is also boosted.

There are three positions that the wire of the adjustable cheese slicer can be adjusted to. This design helps the users to have an easy time while achieving the desired thickness. With that, whatever the size of the cheese you prefer, either paper-thin cheese or thick slabs will be available at any time.

Also, there is a smooth handle that enhances comfort ability that comes with the cheese slicer. A wire made of stainless steel is featured for replacement. This guarantees the users that they will wait for a while before they think of buying a new one. Having such a tool with you, the activity of slicing will be a breeze. There is no sharpening required, unlike conventional knives. A little extra pressure will be applied by those who love hard cheese, but this is not hard.


  • The design ensures durability.
  • Simple and easy to clean.
  • They have an adjustable wire for control over the thickness.
  • Using it is quick and easy.
  • It comes with wires for placement.


  • They are not ideal when slicing hard cheese.
  • The cord is entitled to break easily.
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Fox Run 3841 marble cheese Slicer

This elegant cheese slicer will be good for those who have a taste for finer stuff in life. The cheese slicers created by Fun Run are of high quality and are featured by attractive patterns of marble. The cheese slicer is very durable and also it looks stunning. Most importantly, the marble surface has grey and white strokes which makes it amazing and pretty.

Those with the marble countertops have no doubt that this model is a perfect accomplishment. To take pride in their applications, cooks have to be sure in their component. On top of having a fantastic face, the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer has some other goodness. In order to cut both hard and soft cheese, this model comes with a stainless steel wire. It also has some additional two wires that make the model long lasting.

Another great thing about this Marble is that it does not absorb unpleasant things like odors and moisture. To prevent cheese sweating the surface remains cool. The cheese slicer has only one downside. This is the fact that it's hard to simply throw the cheese slicer in the dish washer. However, you can use the hand to clean it very easily. You can a little soap, rinse and dry it completely. I really like this commercial cheese slicer.


  • Solid and attractive marble construction.
  • Comes with two replacement wires.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Features non-slip rubber feet.
  • Creates very even slices.


  • It is not appropriate for large chunks of cheese.
  • It's not safe with the dishwasher.
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Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer

There are individuals who love their cheese slices whether thick or toothsome. These people will need a heavy duty product.  The slicer and the supplementary wire are both made of stainless steel. The product is made durable material. On top of this, it has a five-year warranty. Westmark Germany Cheese slicer has one great thing; it is the best adjustable cheese slicer. This means that it easy to adjust the thickness of the slices. Users just have to change the angle instead of manipulating with a knob. Despite the longer time taken to conversant with this feature, in the long run, a lot of time and trouble is saved.

Regardless of the claims that this product is a heavy duty, it’s not appropriate for hard cheese. This is quite disappointing for hard cheese lovers. Only the soft cheese lovers will be able to get more of its use. It is also not a good idea to have the cheese sliver in the dishwasher. Luckily, it's very simple to clean up. The users only have to use soapy water and then do a thorough cleaning. The slicer fits well and comfortably making it ideal for long-term use. Grab this best commercial cheese slicer.


  • There is a five-year warrant that the product comes with.
  • Durable
  • It has a lightweight yet strong design
  • It boasts a handle that is ergonomic.
  • The thickness is easily adjustable


  • It’s not appropriate for hard cheese.
  • It's not safe in the dishwasher.
  • You cannot adjust the wire.
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Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel and food Slicer

There is a history in Germany for producing both high-quality and high tech equipment for the kitchen. If you’re planning to get the best slicer for soft cheese, purchase the German ones. The products from Germany is seen to boost the materials and craftsmanship. These products have an added bonus as they are built to last long. 

This cheese slicer boasts ergonomic design. It has a stainless steel blade that is coupled with a handle of the aluminum cast. It comes complete with a fully adjustable scale and a board built from ABS material. With this, you are able to choose the right cheese thickness.

There are also some other types of food that this slicer can handle. This includes fruits and vegetables. By this, it becomes easily versatile. Every cook will want to keep this kitchen helper close to hand. As it is for many Germany appliances, Westmark slicer has no chance of winning a beauty contest. Despite this its working is flawless and it comes with an impressive warrant of five-years. It’s an excellent choice in terms of flexibility and pure performance.


  • Essential in Boasting a stainless steel blade.
  • It has a wide application hence Ideal for other types of food.
  • The model features a blade that is adjustable.
  • It has a construction that is Solid and durable.
  • A five-year warranty is a blessing.


  • It is not ideal for very hard cheese
  • This cheese do not come with a safety feature.
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Norpo Stainless Steel Cheese Plane/ Slicer

Here comes one of the best cheese slicer in the world. The model is made of durable and professional gauge stainless steel. If you're a cheese lover, Norpo cheese plane is a superb accessory for you. Indeed, it gives you a good opportunity to slice all your favorite soft and hard cheeses.

The unique thing about it is that you can shave frozen butter or chocolate. 2-inch sharp, wide angled blade ensures thin slices. Moreover, it comes with a rounded handle shape that fits perfectly in your hand. Therefore, using it requires an effortless work. You will like its convenient hang hole that ensures easy storage.

At first, Norpo was founded 40 years ago with a vision to manufacture, design and supply the valuable caliber kitchenware. 

Now, it offers innovative and high-quality products for cheesing, cooking, preparing and serving a meal. This best commercial cheese slicer is superior because it is made from strong materials and craftsmanship. What it does is even more than what it costs. Don't be left behind, order this product and enjoy every moment.


  • Made of robust and professional gauge stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Have rounded handle shape for effective fit
  • Convenient hang hole ensures easy storage
  • Perfect to slice hard and soft cheeses.
  • Slid filled handle


  • At times it hard to adjust it
  • Sometimes a lot of effort is needed
  • More expensive compared to other models
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How to choose the Best Cheese Slicer

Cheese Slicer Reviews

Choosing the best cheese slicer for cheddar needs a lot of attention. Of course, every single cheese admirer and enthusiast knows that she can obtain the finest flavor she cuts the cheese by herself. Remember that there is a broad range of models in the market. Some are tricky while others are troublesome. So, getting the right one is always a complicated task. Think about the best adjustable wire cheese slicer, it needs to be convenient. Let's look at how to choose the best cheese slicers.

  • Durability

Well, when buying any kitchenware, you must think about the time it will give the service before depleting. Check the material used to build the tool or utensil. This is the main feature that will determine its durability. Hard pressure, dust, and rust are some of the things to look when for the best cheese slice ever. In most cases, the best hard slicer is made of steel. Don't forget that steel is a quality material that is robust.

  • Safety first

Safety comes first! Best kitchen equipment should offer safety-oriented features. The best handheld cheese slicer is the one with a rubber handle. Also, it should feature safe to use cutting wires. This means that you can operate it well as it brings no harm. For a board slicer, a non-slip board is the best. If you've small kids, ensure the cheese slicer around them is safe such that they can't harm themselves. Let your choice care your fingers and hands.

  • Cleaning and storage

Cleaning is another factor that should be considered keenly. It should be a simple and safe task. Whenever you're dealing with any kitchen gadget, what comes in your mind is the mode of cleaning. Note that some cheese slicers can stick to your bland, wire or slicing board. Since most people hate cleaning activities, best commercial cheese slicer should be easy to clean, and maintain. Storage is another feature to look at. The perfect cheese slicer should not occupy the whole kitchen area.

  • Adjustability

A thin or thick slice? The thickness of the different model varies by the occasion. Everybody's expectation is to look for the choice which is versatile. The versatility of the tool will always determine the working activities. So, the cheese slicer you slice should adjustable. It should offer the ability to adjust steel wires to suit all your needs. However, not all slicers have this feature. That's why you need to get the one that will assist you to cut different slicers.

  • Longevity and warranty

These two vital characteristics to look for when purchasing a cheese slicer. Always choose a model that can stand pressure and test of time so as to avoid replacing your tool every now and then. It is advisable to go for the one which is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. This one is stronger and won't rust easily. A cheese slicer with a warranty ensures safety.

Generally, it will give you a chance to replace the wires once they break. With the above factors, now it time to choose the amazing model. There are different models in the marketplace, but with this guide, I hope you make an informed decision. Try it and am sure you’ll thank me later.

Best Cheese Slicers Buyer’s Guide

In the course of choosing the best cheese slicer in the world, there are many things to ask yourself. Of course, questions. We tend to ask different questions as a way of adding a value of what we know. These are known as "Questions you should ask". This week, we're talking about slicers. So, without further do, these are 9 questions you should ask yourself or consider before buying a new cheese slicer.

Why do you need cheese slicers?

Do you really need a slicer? First of all, the pre-cut cheese slicer available in the market interferes with the freshness of the cheese. Therefore, the cheese loses its taste. Cheeses are not always to afford on a regular basis. However, you can obtain fresh slices by applying a knife through the cheese. Is that right? Well, yes. The main purpose of a slicer is to provide quality cheese all the time. Whether it is a hard or soft cheese, a perfect slicer makes everyone happy.

What are the types of cheese slicers?

There are different kinds of cheese slicers in the market. The most common ones are:

  • Handheld slicers. Best hand held cheese slicers follow a configuration that is commonly known as the “European design.” Such slicers need to be handled manually and at the same time maintaining them at a certain angle. They are made of a sharp blade that is embedded with the steel structure where a slice is mainly created. One thing you will note about this slicer is that no wire is involved.
  • Tabletop Cheese Slicers. No doubt that tabletop cheese slicers are the best. These slicers come with a pretty, sturdy accommodating base. This aids you to process a large amount of cheese at a time. Tabletop slicers are awesome for those people who have large storage space. The stable base offers you a good grip during the whole slicing process. With such a slicer, you'll process both hard and soft cheese superbly without a struggle.
How to use cheese slicer

What will you be slicing?

You must understand the plan to apply the slicer. This tool is very important especially when it comes to kitchen activities. In fact, it is the first step. With a slicer, it will be very easy to make the best cheese ever in your life.

How many hours/day will you be using cheese slicer?

Think about commercial slicers. In the real sense, a commercial slice is designed for heavy, medium and light duty. Heavy duty machines mostly feature half-three quarter (1/2-3/4) HP motor. They are also designed for continuous use. Light duty units generally feature a quarter (1/4) HP motor. It is capable of slicing at least one to two hours daily. Typically, a medium duty machine features a half (1/2) HP motor. They are designed for at least 2 to 6 hours of slicing each day.

Will you be slicing some cheese?

The consistency and moisture of cheese make it even more difficult to slice. When it comes to cheese, light duty slicer doesn't perform well. Therefore, this slicer is not recommended.  Make sure you check the manufacturer's specifications. When slicing, use heavy duty because it will slice 2or 3 hours continuously each day.

What is the finest diameter you’ll be slicing?

Note that the slicer blade and carriage must be large enough for the planned application. Most of these cheese slicers are designed to handle products featuring 7.5-inch up to 12-inch in diameter.

Do you need automatic or manual slicing?

Automatic cheese slicers are more expensive. Nonetheless, it has proven its worth. Automatic slicers prevent repetitive motion injuries. You will notice that high volume supermarkets and delis mostly use the automatic slicer. One thing I like about it is that it has a manual override for convenience and versatility.

best cheese slicer in the world

What is the thickest and thinnest slice you need?

It depends on your taste. Most commercial slicers are adjustable and will suit any customer's needs. Nevertheless, if you consider having large thin artisan meat like prosciutto, salami, and pancetta, then plan for a specialty slicer that is designed for this application.

What other slicer’s features do you like?

It is good to look for other desirable benefits and features. This after matching your power and size requirements for the commercial slicers. A commercial one comes with safety features like a blade guard plus a pusher to handle and hold the product during the slicing process. These protect hands and fingers.

How safe and durable are slicers?

Any slicer you choose should ensure safety. I always believe that your hands and fingers are some of the important parts of the bod. The best slicer will even keep your kids safe. It should not harm them whenever they play around it. Also, a slicer should be made of durable durables like steel and zinc allow hence maximum longevity.

Final Verdict

It is important to consider a few notable factors in our mind. You can choose the best model for yourself and your family. If you're ambitious, just feel free to purchase the one that attracts you. Generally, the best cheese slicers illustrated above must be durable, reliable. Easy to clean and small. With a fantastic cheese slicer, there should be no dramatic flaws.  My definitive pick here is the Norpo Adjustable Slicer because it suits and matches with all significant norms. When it comes to kitchen activities, Norpo should be your best choice. So enjoy the flavor as you slice your nice slice.

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