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Best Mandoline Slicer – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2020

Do you want to dice, slice or chop like a pro? Then, it's your chance to choose the best mandolin slicer especially if you're a professional chef. 

A super-clean mandolin slicer provides an easy and quick way to chop your vegetables. This handy tool or piece of kit is perfect for everyday slicing, and use it when making potato chips. Mandolins have flat bases and sharp blades whereby vegetables are slid over in order to produce a consistent chop.

If you're keen to save time and use minimal effort in your kitchen consider purchasing this equipment. It will help you prepare healthy meals. Once I used it, I realized that this is the perfect solution when I am chopping my fruits and vegetables. To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared the best 5 mandoline slicers.

1. Mueller Austria Multi-Blade Adjustable (V-Pro)

Kicking off the list is this reputable quality mandolin chopper by Muller Austria. This sturdy and versatile features a set of 5 blades that assist you to prepare all sorts of food you want. Each blade is engineered to be super-sharp and made from grade stainless steel. I like its stylish and visually appealing slicer of this generation. Its base is designed for durability, made from reinforced ABS plastic and easy operation. Becoming a professional chef is not a joke, you need a reliable workhorse in the name of the slicer.

To help keep your fingers safe during the chopping process, this handy model also features a unique guard plus stainless steel prongs. You'll appreciate the collapsible design that makes it take a small space in your cabinets. For these reasons, I suggest that this best mandolin slicer is the best for home and professional chefs alike.


  • Durable
  • Made of quality stainless steel material
  • Safe when cutting
  • Performs faster
  • Lightweight


  • More expensive than others
  • Requires high maintenance

2. Progressive International Mandoline Slicer

Progressive International stands for its unique features. Featuring a stainless –steel base, the extra-wide slicing deck and razor sharp blade, this quality mandoline is the finest option of the century. As a home chef, this kit will bring your cooking experience to another level. Thanks to the subtle stainless steel blade that this model has. It ensures paper-thin slices are produced as lean as one millimeter in thickness.

Also, slicing can be quickly adjusted with a handy knob, thus making it an amazingly versatile tool. Talk about its integrated blade that is sharp enough to handle even delicate vegetables and fruits, without even damaging them.

You will love its durable hand guard that protects your fingers from any damage, safe use, and storage. Additionally, it has non-skid feet that keep things in place when using the mandoline. I recommend this safe machine as the best.


  • Professional quality
  • Durable
  • Sharp stainless steel blade ensures fast slicing
  • Safe to use and easier storage
  • Suitable for slicing vegetables, fruits, and cheese


  • Very shape, at times it can bring injuries
  • Cleaning can be a big deal

3. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

Are you aware that some mandolins slicers are dangerous and can cut or shop your fingers while chopping your fruits or vegetables? However, Gramercy Kitchen Co. is among the safe modes that will protect you. It comes with important and protective gloves. The blades are temporarily fixed, therefore, you can adjust at numerous distances. The kit has a stylish and elegant design that is beautiful and eye-catching. Also, this valued mandoline comes with sturdy and durable stainless steel that never corrodes.

Because of its powerful blade, this tool is here to make your work easy and reliable. Besides that, it has a durable plastic base that is easy to clean and is light in weight. Usually, the base features corner notches making it easy to fit over a bowl for easy cutting. Having 4 different slicing settings to choose from, means that this tool can cut veggies and fruits for any desired purpose.


  • It features a quality ceramic blade
  • The stainless steel is non-corrosive
  • 4 slicing thickness settings included
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Not affordable to everybody
  • May rust if not cleaned well

4. [Upgraded] Mandoline Slicer

Do not spend on expensive and fake mandolins slicers that rust easily and difficult to wash. When you buy this quality tool, you're assured of getting a dramatic and amazing product.  The upgraded slicer is not only easy but also simple to use it while chopping and cutting your vegetables and fruits. Of all features, the special one is safety. The product is more secure than other ordinary mandolins. Even your kids can still use it without any worry.

It is a fantastic mandoline slice made with durable and stainless steel that is rust proof. This means that your food will be healthy and free from contamination. Moreover, it has a fixed handle that ensures comfortable handling while dealing with your kitchen chopping tasks.


  • Made of quality stainless steel material
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t rust easily
  • Easy cleaning
  • A fixed handle for comfortable handling


  • A sharp blade should be maintained
  • At times cleaning is a problem

5. Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Dicer

The next tool to earn itself a spot is this Vegetable Chopper. This is a well-known mandolin slicer when we dealing with culinary equipment. This is a durable, classic item that is more safe and secure as it can't cut or chop your dinger while chopping your fruits, vegetables, and cheese. The manufacturer has ensured you don’t miss this outstanding tool.

Its eye-catching and stylish design and white color make it an attractive tool. A plastic upper part is included for easy cleaning as well as an extra tray for collecting sliced pieces. If you want to enjoy high performance, then, I would advise you to go for a Vegetable Chopper.


  • Easy to clean
  • Safe and secure when chopping
  • Multiple purposes like chopping vegetables, cheese, and fruits
  • Durable-made
  • Little maintenance


  • Not lightweight compared to others
  • May rust after sometime

Things to Consider When Choosing ​the Best Mandoline Slicers

Best Mandoline Slicer

When you’re considering to choose the best mandolin slicer for your kitchen, remember to check these key features. They include:

Materials Of Mandoline Slicer

Most models are made of stainless steel blades. This material is usually hard, cost-effective, sturdy and durable, making it suitable for mandolins. Nevertheless, if you choose to invest in a more expensive tool, consider ceramic blade. The reason is that these blades are iron-free and totally rust resistant. Moreover, ceramic blades can retain their shape edge as compared to steel.

Safety Of Best Mandoline Slicer

Safety is one important feature to bear in mind. Mandolines tends to comes with fiendishly sharp blades. The blades should be great for slicing, chopping and cutting through veg and fruits without causing any injury. But you must be careful when doing this. Select the mandolin that has a guard. A guard is designed to protect your fingers from any damage. It is also advisable to buy a tool that a safety setting to ensure accident-free storage.

Types Of Mandoline Slicer

There are numerous types of mandoline slicers. Some are hand-held while others are freestanding. Other mandolins have a single blade while others have interchangeable blades. It's good to choose the type that one is comfortable with and that suits your kitchen needs. Choose the ones that bring appreciable results.


The tool that gives you the best services for a long time is the best. Mandolin slicers have different features like durability and versatility. Since many of these tools are made of stainless steel blades, they tend to have a long lifespan. Also, the tool should be strong to withstand handy fruits and vegetables without causing problems.

Ease of Use and Clean

Consider the ease of use when purchasing the mandolin slicer. Don’t choose the complicated one if you have no clue about it. Systematically, the tool you choose should be easy to clean immediately after use to avoid any sorts of rusting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

mandoline slicer

1. What Is the Mandoline Slicer?

It is a tool or a piece of cutting equipment. The mandolin slicer is used to slice vegetables and fruits to the required sizes and shapes. Most of these tools consist of a plastic or steel base where a blade is attached. By sliding the veg across this blade repeatedly, consistent slices are cut. Many mandolins feature adjustable and interchangeable blades. Therefore, you can slice your ingredients into different thicknesses and shapes.

2. How I am Supposed to Clean my Mandoline Slicer?

Here comes your tool. Many mandolin slicers are dishwasher safe. However, this is non-universal, hence you are required to check the manufacturer's instructions before you start the slicing game. All in all, note that hand washing is the best method to preserve the mandolin's blade.

3. What are Different Types of Mandolins?

In the market, there exist different types of mandolins. You will come across single, multiple, hand-held and freestanding blade. All these types perform the same task but are different when it comes to versatility. Depending on your plan, you should choose wisely the one that suits you. A single blade is wonderful for grating, cubing and julienne slicing. Multiple blade tool is perfect for slicing fruit, cheese, and veg.

4. Are Mandolins Safe to Use?

I would say ‘yes’ depending on the type. Mandolins with guards are the best choice because your fingers will not be exposed to damages. Also, it’s good to choose the brand that comes with gloves to ensure comfortable handling.

Final Verdict

The guide educates us more about different mandolins, their features, pros, and cons. Now grab your best tools! Whether you want to slice, cut, chop or dice your vegetables, fruits or cheese, the mentioned brands are reliable. However, check the features that rhyme with your needs.

Mueller Austria marks our best mandoline slicers and takes the top spot. It is a lightweight, durable and reliable tool that any chef would want. With high-quality blades, sturdy base, adjustable blades, and excellent safety features, this model is phenomena. The piece is made of a stainless steel blade to give you an easy and smooth chop every time. Finally, its collapsible design allows you to store and clean it easily.

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