Best Meat Grinders

Best Meat Grinders In 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Most people are eating more meat than ever before. According to statistics, every person in the United States consumes at least 10 ounces per day. That's why people are crazy about best meat grinders.

The demand for more protein and low prices have led to this record consumption. With this trend, meat still remains the king of all foods. Because meat has become a cultural food, now it's time to own a meat grinder.

However, choosing the best meat grinders seems not to be a simple task. In most cases, these tools seems to differ in one way or the other, in terms of their characteristics if not the shape. You don't have to meander around, bench marking items that will later disappoint you. To alert you, we’ve come up with the 11 best meat grinders.

The 11 Best Meat Grinders Reviews for 2019

In our list, STX INTERNATIONAL STX 3000 is the most, top-rated meat grinder. The model makes a quick and light task when it comes to meat processing. This is contributed by a heavy-duty and powerful electric motor plus 3-tempered stainless steel grinding plates. A small plate is suitable for fine grinding. Consequently, the medium plate is superb for mild grinds. The wagon steel does the coarse grind. 

Besides that, the units feature a reset/simple stop to ensure easy control and operation. Additionally, its elegant aluminum polished accessories are easy to assemble and clean. In general, the model is easy to not only assemble but also disassemble thus making it the best choice. 

Why we liked it

  • Performs quick and light tasks
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to control and operate
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Has a powerful motor

Why we didn’t like it

  • More powerful hence can even grind bones which is dismay to people

Best Kitchen Appliances

Knock, knock Readers! Did you shift or redecorated your house recently? Well, you may need some kitchen and home appliances then.

If you want perfect meat grinding workhorse, then KitchenAid FGA is your perfect solution. Just as ‘walking in the park’ this model makes things to look easier. It can be used automatically with the Kitchen stand mixer, making it powerful for grinding meats. With it, preparing your own pretty sausages at home is simple. Its features a hard-plastic grinder attachment that makes you do more than grinding meat. 

Grate hard cheese and prepare a small breakfast using this electric machine. I reckon that the grinder attachment includes an auger, housing, knife, a coarse and fine grinding plate, stomper and securing ring.

Why we liked it

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works great
  • Great for grinding meats, mixing salsas, making bread crumbs
  • Fits all Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers.

Why we didn’t like it

  • Made of plastic thus can break

Today, Weston (08-0801-W) is one of the powerful models in the market. It’s a machine that you can rely on. The heavy-duty model can handle any meat amazingly. In fact, it is perfect for both commercial and domestic application. Moreover, the sturdy machine features a smooth exterior, this makes ensures easy cleaning. Assembling and disassembling it is not a problem. 

To add to this, it ensures wiping comfortable. It comes with engineered gears for rugged durability and quiet performance. Plus, a sturdy handle for transportation and carrying. I can't forget to mention that this grinder comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Why we liked it

  • Assembling and Disassembling of the machine is easy
  • Powerful to grind meats
  • Perfect for both commercial and domestic application
  • Easy cleanup
  • Works quietly

Why we didn’t like it

  • Cutting plates requires oil regularly to avoid rust

Why do most people like this model? Gourmia GMG525 is ETL certified for efficiency, quality, and safety. The machine can is powerful to grind the toughest slabs of meat for sausage, fresh, kibbeh and flavorful mince. It comes with 3-durable stainless blades that ensure coarse, medium and fine cuts. It takes a shorter time as the motor fairly moves fast and quiet. To mention, its compact natures makes it's moving and usage easy. On the other hand, the firm base provides enough support as well as preventing accidental slippage. Other than that, users appreciate its durability and good performance.

Why we liked it

  • High-standard performance
  • Stable enough to prevent accidental slippage
  • Safe and efficient
  • Works quietly
  • Durable

Why we didn’t like it

  • Requires maintenance because of the fast moving motor

If you need a model that can perform up to 150pounds/hr, then look for Sunmile SM-G31 ETL. The reason is that it is made by all-powerful copper wires and sturdy motor. It comes with a stainless steel casing that supplements the durability. It may sound just like a basic machine but a powerful one for home use. The meat grinder is easy to operate, use, assemble and disassemble. 

When cleaning, it will never disturb you.  With 3 stainless still cutting plates, this model will help you to prepare coarse, medium or fine meat. Thankfully, for ETL certification and manufacturer backup. Grab it today, and enjoy your prepared meal.

Why we liked it

  • Durable and powerful machine
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Performs fast and smart
  • Easy to operate
  • ETL certified

Why we didn’t like it

  • The blades may not be sharp at times

Making sausages and grinding meat is easy with W780A 12-Meat Grinder from LEM products. Also, this heavy-duty unit boasts a high-speed performance and powerful motor for smooth grinding of meat. Apart from that, the meat grinder features important accessories including a meat pan, stainless steel, stuffing, auger, stuffing places, and tubes. 

Therefore, the solid unit is very versatile from commercial and home setting. On top of that, this heavy-duty piece comes with built-in-circuit that ensures safety and protection. However, you need to regularly lubricate the motor to improve performance. Finally, it’s easy to clean and cut decently sized meat.

Why we liked it

  • Stainless steel makes it durable
  • Lightweight this easy to handle
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Works perfect
  • Rust resistant

Why we didn’t like it

  • Requires you to regularly lubricate the motor

Another reputable meat grinder in this category is Gideon Hand Crank. It brings everything into standstill by grinding the meat into fine, coarse and medium size. Just place your desired meat and other ingredients like vegetable into the grinder then let it run. I’m sure, the results will help you cook your tasteful and stylish seasoning. The model features topnotch stainless steel blades that are durable. Get it and enjoy the lifelong performance.

Its compact nature and lightweight features mean that the machine is easy to assemble. No injury, no mess. In fact, the blades are fully enclosed. Why miss a chance to use it.

Why we liked it

  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight hence easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works effectively
  • Safe to use

Why we didn’t like it

  • Pretty loud at because of its power

Featuring 3-grinding plates, Homeleader is among the most advanced meat grinders available today. Its perfect performance is the main reason why small business owner prefers it. The heavy-duty unit is able to grind the meat to a desired style. Still, it features multitask capabilities by preparing you meat dish into fine, coarse and medium sizes. The machine is safe and at the same time secure. 

Most importantly, it's made of stainless blades hence durable. If you order it, you'll get complete accessories to meet all needs. I highly recommend this reliable model that comes with friendly customer service.

Why we liked it

  • Made of durable stainless blades
  • 1-month money-back period
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Multitask capabilities
  • Reliable and superb performance

Why we didn’t like it

  • Stainless steel blades require maintenance (lubrication)

Another model from LAM products is the Big Bite Electric Meat Heater. The unique thing about this machine is its quieter feature while in use. It never disturbs. It comes with modernized brushed steel finish that makes it not only durable but also versatile. It makes things to happen. You will notice that shredding meat and other ingredients are simple with this machine compared to other models. 

Another thing is that this meat grinder comes with a 5-year warranty and lifetime customer support from the manufacturer. Take your chance and try this friendly solid unit.

Why we liked it

  • Has a friendly price than other models
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Made of durable materials
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Has a 5-year warranty

Why we didn’t like it

  • Not fast than others

Here is another dependable kitchen tool in the name of Cuisinart MG-100. This machine has a proven record as to why it’s among the best-selling products. It’s capable of handling various types of meat effortlessly, delivers freshness and pride-worth results. If you want to prepare family dishes like burgers, meatloaf, sausages, meatballs among others. It's robust, fast-speed moving motor ensures the grinding speed of 3lbs/minute. If you want different grinding options, then this model is awesome. Get to know this appliance is easy to operate.

Why we liked it

  • Easy to operate
  • Delivers fresh meat
  • Requires no effort while in use
  • Has a robust 300W motor
  • Fast and quiet

Why we didn’t like it

  • More expensive

After benchmarking, we found that Kitchen Basics 3 N 1 is a reliable centerpiece for the kitchen. The best way to impress your family and friends is by preparing pretty ground meats from them using such a grinder. The machine features a sleek white design that give it an elegant look to fit any décor. You can even prepare homemade pureed food especially for babies and elderly companions by applying Kitchen Basics 3 N 1. 

Whether you want fine, medium or coarse grind meats, this heavy-duty unit will make this possible. Furthermore, sausages and pasta are other dishes that can be made using the same unit. Because of its lightweight, handling is never an issue. I can’t count its endless benefits. 

Why we liked it

  • Lightweight hence easy to handle and control
  • Easy to operate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • Elegant and sleek design

Why we didn’t like it

  • Cleanup may be an issue even if not regularly

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Key Things To Consider When Shopping  Best Meat Grinders

Best Meat Grinders
  • Size of Best Meat Grinders – If you’re a running a small business, you need a high-quality, industrial-grade, high-end model that can handle the grinding task on a regular basis. However, there are trickier to maintain. Cleaning and fixing it is also more demanding. At home, just own a less sizeable grinder.
  • Available space on Meat Grinders- Do you have sufficient available space? This something you should digest. Different models have compact design thus they require large enough space to accommodate them. If your kitchen is tightly packed, just go for a small one.
  • Pricing For Best Meat Grinders For Home – The price will depend on the motor power. Of you want a fast-moving and working machine, be ready to spend some dollars. However, the models that come with motors under 1000W are basically affordable. It's only your needs that can tell the product you require.
  • ​Final Verdict

    All in all, we’ve reviewed various meat grinders found in the market.  After testing their performance narrowed down that the best meat Grinder is Weston (08-0801-W). The product is worth the investment. Judging by its impeccable features and benefits, it’s a proven ‘best-selling meat grinder’. It works quietly, easy to use and operate and easy to assemble and disassemble. Once you’ve it, you've everything needed to achieve your goals.

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