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Best Coffee Urns 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn't love to enjoy a cup of hot coffee? A coffee urn is a professional-looking and stylish container for coffee. It is a tool that will not only help you serve coffee in large quantities but also at a continuous rate. Nonetheless, some urns provide numerous benefits while others are mediocre. With an array of options, picking the right tool may prove more than a joke. You need to identify different essential features before jumping in a decision. Today, we'll identify the Best Coffee Urns.

With a coffee urn, you and your guests won't have to suffer through a cold and lukewarm cup. Whether it's in your office or at home, you'll use this item any time you need it. Since models are of different counters space, sizes, quality, price, and quantity, make the top choice. Let’s curate the coffee urn reviews:

Ideal for a buffet or an office, Focus Foodservice 57060 is the newest stainless steel urn featuring benefits and innovative style. The stainless steel body ensures greater strength and durability. It comes with a new elevated double spigot that allows quick and versatile dispensing. To accommodate coffee cups and large mugs, this tool has an integrated scapegoat, as well.

On the other hand, the dual thermostat offers consistent serving temperatures and quicker heat-up. Still, it offers a fast brew time on 60 cups in less than an hour. The inclusion of 3 prongs grounded plus and 6-feet cord makes it invisible. Whether you want to entertain your guest with a freshly-brewed java, this product is a welcome advantage. Get it today and enjoy its economic importance and bring your people together with a ready coffee.


  • High performance and durable
  • Well-designed and stylish
  • Ensures quicker heat-up
  • Easy to use at a party or office
  • Features a simple spigot


  • Customers complain of a terrible packaging
  • Too small for some people

This 45-Cup Coffee Urn from Hamilton Beach is the finest option for your daily dose of coffee. It will serve you well during a social event or meeting. The tool is designed well for fast brewing and it will take less than a minute to brew each cup. Not too small and not too big, Hamilton Beach 45-cup is suitable for a large crowd. It makes 15-45 cups of hot and fresh coffee hence perfect for buffet-style meals and social gatherings.

The tool features a 2-way dispenser that allows either single or continuous filling. With an indicator light as another feature, it easy to know when your coffee is ready. Additionally, the brew basket and the lid are dishwasher safe. I like the urn because of its attractive metal finish. Needless to say, this urn looks wonderful on every serving table. And it has a locking lid and comfortable handless to avoid spills. Why risk in other models when we have this recommended urn.


  • Features an elegant and attractive metal finish
  • Comes with an indicator lights
  • Safety features
  • Easy to fill
  • Has two-way dispenser


  • At times there is misleading capacity
  • Stopping heating the water is a problem

The continental PS-SQ018 Coffee Urn is another better option to make the day exciting. With a large 50-cup capacity as well as an integrated self-service option, this model is a reliable choice for social gatherings and club functions. The drip usually minimizes any mess. Significantly, there is digital programming including reheat functions, keep warm and timer. These help to keep reheat the coffee and keep the water hot.

Cleaning this urn is a breeze and cool because it's constructed with stainless steel material. Also, this adds a durability attribute to this tool. The side rubber handles ensure convenient transport. More than that, the viewing window helps you to track the water level. However, the lack of orthodox insulation causes water and coffee to cool off quite fast. With this option in the market, it's my goal to make a purchase


  • Durable (stainless steel finish)
  • Offers large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easier transportation
  • Minimizes mess


  • Lack of established insulation

If you're hosting a large gathering at your home, Hamilton Beach D50065 is the way to go. This coffee urn eliminates the coffee cooling effect. This is having a transparent window that helps you to monitor the water and coffee's level. With a 60-cup capacity, you can serve a crowd of people at once. On this, it has become even simpler and faster at one 1-cup per minute. Also, there's a keep warm characteristic that maintains your coffee's temperature.

On the other hand, the indicator lights provide you with a notice when the hot water is ready. Furthermore, it warns you when your machine is on. However, if you're noise-allergic, probably this model isn't the best choice for you. Truth be told, it's loud when operating. Apart from giving your hot liquid a metallic taste, the urn is perfect.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Has transparent window
  • Proper capacity to serve many people
  • Comes with indicator lights
  • Practical and sleek finish


  • Give the liquid a metallic taste

It's among the best coffee urns in the market. With a large number of guests, West Bend 33600 will serve efficiently. Very nice and works great for money. I'm always happy with it. Its 100-cup capacity makes it highly reliable and efficient. This is also enhanced by a speed of 1-cup a minute. The urn keeps coffee hot and warm for a longer period. This is with the help of automated temperature control. Needless to say, it features a versatile dripless faucet to ensure single or continuous servings.

Because of its heat-resistant base and insulated handles, you can carry the urn effortlessly. The additional cleaning tools and structure makes the cleaning process very undemanding. To track the brewing process, the machine is designed with a light indicator. Also, there is a presence of water level markings. I would recommend this product for your family


  • Easy to transport
  • Cleaning process is easy
  • Clear water level markings
  • Proper capacity
  • Preserves water temp


  • Faucet leakage

How to Choose a Perfect Coffee Urn

With vast array of different coffee urns and so many types of coffeemakers today, choosing the right product can be daunting. Before jumping into a decision, it's advisable to think about various factors. Know what you're willing to spend and the intended use. Here are significant things to consider when selecting the best rated coffee urn.

1. Counter Space

Different models come in different sizes. Therefore, you'll be forced to consider the counter space you require. Look at the weights and sizes of the models you're interested in to suit your needs. Select the perfect size. Small urns are portable. Because of this, they are great for outdoor activities, garden parties, and camping. Large models are perfect for large events.

2. Construction

What is the material used to make coffee urns? Most of these products are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is sturdy as well as light and doesn't hold heat. The best buy coffee urn is one that features a double-walled stainless steel finish. This will, of course, provide excellent insulation. The space between these two walls provides a layer of air or vacuum making the liquid inside hot.

3. Quantity

Coffee urns serve anywhere from 12 to 100 cups of coffee. Commonly, this will depend on the cups you intend to serve or make. If you make 20 cups of coffee daily, a larger unit would be the best choice. It is a stress-free and convenient option. Though households with few residents could suffice with small models. If you're alone, a single-serve coffee urn will bring your lifestyle to perfection.

Additional Features

Coffee urns can be designed with numerous features and programs to customize the coffee-making experience. But these aren't often necessary for everyone. If you want a programmable and automated unit at a particular time every day, then it's easy to adjust the settings

Others are:

  1. Quality
  2. Ease of operation
  3. Functionality and powerhouse
  4. Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Coffee Urn Should I Buy?

In the market, you'll discover new, innovated and different models. You should figure out what features you need and the unit that will work better for you. Because there are a couple of options, ensure you pick one that will suit and sustain your needs and requirements. Choose a long-lasting, durable, convenient and reliable product. You can't go wrong with Hamilton Beach or West Bend coffee urn. They are much simple and will serve you well.

Why do I need a Coffee Urn In my Kitchen?

A tasty, nice cup of hot coffee is what you need to start and enjoy your day. Right? It has a magical power to bring your people together, make them feel appreciated and comfortable. If you are that person who likes to take coffee regularly, or rather you've got a large family; coffee urns in your kitchen will simplify your task. Also, you can use this unit to boil water for coffee and tea for your guests. Most importantly, it will keep any liquid warm. Whether it is soup, chocolate the product is superb.

How Much Does a Coffee Urn Cost?

Coffeemakers usually vary in prices from model to model. Noticeably, this depends on quality, design among other factors. You need a lot of homework on the quest to find the best machine. In the article above you can start your selection process using popular picks highlighted above. In our best coffee urn reviews, we've highlighted different units available at varying prices.

Final verdict

I hope that you select your coffee maker that will suit your needs scanning this guide. Compare different options in terms of price, size my hope and features, then fix your budget. All in all, you'll get what you're looking for. Most of these machines will work well at any party.

In this best coffee urns reviews, our best pick is West Bend 33600. It is a versatile device that can keep different liquids warm. Hot chocolate, water, cider or soup will fit there. Also, it brews many cups of coffee or tea hence you'll be able to serve a large number of people. Unlike other models, it's a dishwasher safe and takes a practical and sleek finish with indicator lights. It's worth your money.

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