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Best Electric Can Openers of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric can openers are great kitchen appliances that have become favorite to most people. Unlike the past, quite a number of homeowners today use canned foods in their recipes. Therefore, it is significant to own a can opener at any cost. Electric can openers are essential, slim, stylish, yet heavy-duty gadgets that make things smoother and easier for you. While manual can openers are easier to store and durable, electric can openers are convenient for guys who open many cans at a go.

Peoples who have trouble when using their hands do smile. They know that electric can openers belong to them. No argument on that. As noted, can openers are highly usable in different places, including restaurants, households and healthcare facilities. Also, you can use this gadget as a bottle opener and knife sharpeners. However, when choosing your best model, considers some factors like size, functionality, material, type, design, and usage.

If you're new to this exclusive kitchen appliance, this guide will educate you about the best electric can openers.

Top 7 Best Electric Can Openers Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Automatic Can Opener

This automatic electric can opener from Hamilton is among the best line kitchen appliances from Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA is perfect for opening pop-top and regular cans easily. It uses a special cutting mechanism to cut through sides of the can using a sharp blade. Designed with convenience, this model ensures mess-free task thus maintaining top hygiene. If you want a smooth, touchable lid, then Hamilton Beach 76609ZA is the way to go. With an easy opening lever, all is need is a light touch.

The can opener features a black sleek chrome and a black design that fits most kitchen décor. Thanks to its stylish look that makes it elegant and eye-catching. Also, the appliance is super easy to use and compact. To ensure the safety of your fingers, this model comes without sharp edges. There is no need to having a scissor because this gadget is more than an opener, but you must be careful about this. I don't see any can opener that accomplishes its purpose pretty well than Hamilton Beach brand.

Why we liked it

  • Opens both pop-top and regular cans.
  • Easy to use
  • No jagged edges
  • Quiet
  • Black sleek chrome design that fits any décor
  • Has safe light-touch

Why we didn’t like it

  • No hands-free
  • Take up a bigger space

2. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Black Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76380Z is a heavyweight can opener and a top-selling model from Hamilton Beach. One unique thing about this opener is its durability in mind. Additionally, you’ll love its overall performance when it comes to opening standard and regular cans. Since it features a SureCut patented tech, this model opens the cans on the first try. Apart from being a can opener, 76380Z can be used as a knife sharpener.

The card storage makes it tidy always and out of sight any time you’re not using it. When it comes to cleaning, it's simple, conveniently remove the blade and wash it. Many users refer the opener as a workhorse. The reason is that it has the capability to open both smaller and larger can. The cuts are durable and superb.

Why we liked it

  • Durable construction
  • Cord storage to ensure tidiness
  • Affordable price
  • Removable cutting unit
  • Can be used as a knife sharpener
  • Reliable overall performance

Why we didn’t like it

  • Can tip over when opening large and heavy cans
  • Extra-tall design hence takes a larger space

3. Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe White Electric Can Opener

With this white electric can opener, you've a reason to smile when doing your restaurants can opening tasks. In case other products didn't impress you, Cuisinart might be your amazing option. It comes with a sleek chrome design that is suitable for any décor. The opener is very powerful and convenient for busy homeowners. Also, it features a magnetic field holder and power cut that makes any cutting process easier. In fact, its working capabilities can't be compared with the manual electric can opener.

The model just weighs 2.5 pounds making it easy to handle when performing your cutting tasks. You'll be amazed by the sturdy design that includes a wider base to prevent the opener from tipping over when cutting. This smart choice requires you to press and release the lever to guarantee an easy opening. Its effortless and using it is easy.

Why we liked it

  • Its blade works great
  • Has a sturdy design that fits home décor
  • Price-friendly
  • Wide base makes the opener stable when cutting
  • Easy to operate and portable
  • Detachable for quick cleanup

Why we didn’t like it

  • Can’t support heavy cans

4. Hamilton Beach 76388R (Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

The model comes with a SureCut patented technology to its name. You won't struggle when opening cans, the first time is enough every time. In addition to this, the opener features an automatic shutoff making it unique than others. It is able to deal with both standard and larger cans something that it's contributed by its extra-tall design. You can also use it as a knife sharpener.

It comes as washable cutting unit hence dishwasher safe. However, this appliance has sharp edges, thus you must take caution when cutting is in progress. Most importantly the model comes with a bottle opener and a bag cutter. I suggest that this could a nice addition to your home appliances.

Why we liked it

  • Features an automatic shutoff
  • Suitable for both standard and larger cans
  • Used a knife sharpener
  • Sleek design for any home decor
  • Easy to use
  • A washable cutting unit

5. Cuisinart CCO50BKN Deluxe Black Electric Can Opener

Another best-selling and popular product from Cuisinart is Cuisinart CCO50BKN. This opener comes with a precision power cut blade that makes cutting easier. For easy opening, you’ll only apply press-and-release lever as you enjoy the cut in progress. Additionally, the extra-wide base helps the opener from tipping and sliding. It stops automatically to ensure mess-free activity.

This black can opener features a magnetic lid holder and a removable activation lever to ensure a heavy-duty performance. I can't forget to mention that this opener is easy to clean. This is highly supported by an elegant design. Grab it because it is made for you.

Why we liked it

  • Elegant and exception design
  • Opens both standard and larger cans
  • Stops automatically to prevent any mess
  • Wider base for stability
  • Easy to use

Why we didn’t like it

  • A sharp blade can cause injuries during the cleanup

6. Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Can Opener

If you want to open your cans easily on the first try, then ask for Proctor Silex Plus 76370P. This brand comes with an eye-catching white color that looks pretty for your home decor. You'll notice its extra-tall feature when compared to other products in this category. This lest you make quiet and quick work in meal preparation. With it, you'll open your standard and large cans without any fuss. Also, it features a magnetic lid holder plus strong blade that holds the can tightly, so it will open in smooth rotation.

The model is designed to fit cans of different heights. Moreover, the automatic can opener comes with a knife sharpener, hence a vital tool for multipurpose. For easy cleaning, it's cutting lever is detachable. Another thing is the cord storage that prevents frustration when cutting is in progress. Thanks to its easy cleanup and less mess.

Why we liked it

  • Has cord storage hence mess-free
  • Very affordable
  • Works quietly
  • Easy cleanup
  • Features a knife opener
  • Designed to fit cans of different heights

Why we didn’t like it

  • Short cord
  • Short-lived can opener

7. Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener

To wide up our list, we've this electric can opener with bottle opener. This appliance is packed full of unique features. First, it comes with a safe smooth edge cut tech system. This makes it quick to cut your cans on the first try. Additionally, it features a magnetic button that stops the lid from tipping or falling into the can. Therefore, it ensures a healthy cut. To mention, the opener multi-functional. This means that you can open tall, small or large canned food in seconds.

It is made to have a knife sharpener thus it can sharpen your dull knife and make look new. This model is seen to replace other traditional tools because of its convenient and sleek design. It automatically turn-off after the cutting process is complete. As you purchase one, you’ll enjoy a 2-year warranty and free support. Finally, the metal cutting lever is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Why we liked it

  • Multi-function can opener
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cuts the can quickly
  • Convenient and sleek design
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Easy to clean

Why we didn’t like it

  • If not held well it can tip over

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Electronic Can Openers

Best Electric Can Openers. Infographics

Obtaining a new product is a great idea. Most people will run here and there looking the best electric can opener so that they can satisfy their cutting needs. However, with very many options available, it may become quite complicated to choose the best. To avoid future regrets, it's good to consider important factors. In this part, we have prepared a buying guide for you.

1. The Weight

The best model should be sturdy and powerful to hold and handle heavy cans without sliding or tipping off. It is advisable to check the weigh always. Also, the one with a wider base design is superb because it will support large cans.

2. The Design

Electric can openers come with different designs. You can either choose the freestanding or counter electric can opener. Also, choose the product with a design that fits your home decor. I sleek design is usually the best.

3. Easy to clean

Just like other kitchen tools and appliance that requires clean up, the electric can opener is not new. It should be cleaned up to prevent getting gunky. In most cases, choose the model with removable parts. With this, the cleaning process will be easy.

4. Usage

Eventually, check the usability feature. Ask yourself; how exactly I'm I going to use the electric can opener? If you're dealing with heavy-duty tasks, the search for durable products. On the other hand, lighter tasks require you to purchase lightweight units.


Electric Can Opener

1. Where will I place my can opener?

As per now, we've two types of models available- under-the-counter and freestanding models. Under-the counter model will be perfect for you especially if you own small space. As the name suggests, the freestanding model will be placed anywhere in your house or kitchen.

2. Do I require the electric can opener?

Of course ‘Yes'. The electric can opener is a vital tool in any kitchen. Now that most people use canned food, has become a popular appliance used to open and cut these cans. Indeed, it will make your life easier if you’ve a limited hand strength or dexterity. Also, it ensure no mess when cutting the cans.

3. How easy is it to clean?

Most of us hate claiming kitchen appliances especially men. Now that you want a model that will be easy to clean, you got one here. Since you can’t sink or immerse you entire model in water, all you need is to remove the blade assembly keenly and perform the task.

Final Verdict

To wide up, we've seen the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the different electric can opener. All our 7 picks are excellent to use. However, your choice will depend on your needs. When selecting, choose wisely. Also, check the main factors like the weight, design, ease of use and clean and usage. With this, you'll enjoy your can-cutting life.

Our best pick is the Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe. The model comes with unique and reliable features that are followed by exceptional benefits. It is easy to use and comes with an excellent sleek design that fits any home decor. Also, it can open both standard and larger cans as compared to other models. Additionally, it turn-off automatically to prevent any mess. Finally, the opener has a wide base that makes it stable and free from tipping or falling out.

Bonus Tips

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