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Best Automatic Soap Dispensers 2020 & Buyer’s Guide

Most people think of washing their hands only after visiting the restroom, but it’s recommendable to wash your hands anytime you’re engaging in hygienic exercises. It only takes a single touch to come into contacts with germs.

Your hands can transmit harmful bacteria and numerous disease-causing pathogens into your body easily. Whether you’re around the food, after caring for your sick friend, coughing or after caring for a wound, it good to ensure cleanliness. Fortunately, one way to prevent this is by owning the best automatic soap dispenser.

You can use the soap dispenser in your office or at home. The soap dispenser is designed to assist you to wash your hands hygienically and easily. However, much of this depends on your choice on various models in the market.

In fact, choosing a perfect product is sometimes tricky, that's why you should consider some factors. Some of them include capacity, operation, materials, and performance among other things. Today, we'll look at the best automatic soap dispenser.

Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump with Soap Sample

Get to know a touch-free device that prevents your skin from getting into contact with any bacteria or germs. Simple human 8 is a perfect model for kitchen or bathroom use. One thing that makes it a fan-favorite is soap dispenser is its high-speed activation sensor. As a result, you won’t lose even a single minute waiting for the device to release the liquid. Additionally, the sensor enjoys a precise trigger zone for high-speed and accurate activation. This modern dispenser ensures no messy drips around your free zone environment.

The touch-free automatic sensor uses an engineer air-induction technology that helps in producing a luxurious thick foam. In addition to that, this unit is usually powered by alkaline AA batteries thus energy efficient. Anytime you charge it fully, it will last up to 12 months. A wide refill opening makes it refill easier and faster plus spill-free. Grab your product today and promote your hygiene.

Why we liked it

  • Ensures no messy drips
  • Perfect for kitchen or bathroom
  • The sensor has high-speed activation
  • Comes with long-lasting AA alkaline batteries
  • Energy efficient

Why we didn’t like it

  • Expensive than other many products in this category

Secura 17oz/500ml Premium Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

Ending our list, we have Secura 17oz/500ml Premium. The electric model comes with a water-resistant battery making it the best automatic brand. It has on/off switch hence you can easily control the dispenser volume. Furthermore, it features a stylish and attractive high-quality chrome plus black finish hence suitable for any décor. You can either place it on a countertop or mount it on the wall.

The infrared sensor generally detects your hands even from far away. You don't have to move it close to you. With this hygienic dispensing model, it's quite sure that your hands will stay free from germs. Get it and enjoy a reliable 1-year warranty.

Why we liked it

  • Stylish and attractive design to fit any décor
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Has water-resistant battery
  • Easy mountain
  • Strong infrared sensor detection

Why we didn’t like it

  • Controlling ticker foams is a problem

CandyHome Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

If you know you know! This countertop soap dispenser uses only 75 percent less soap. It dilutes your preferred liquid soap with water, where it turns it into the exceptional foam. Live alone that, it comes with an adjustable two volume settings, hence you can control the luxurious foam soap to your desired amount. If you purchase it be sure that it's a long-lasting 16-ounces reservoir. Imagine it lasts up to around 830 hand washes.

Most importantly, the model is known for its efficiency. With 4AA batteries that last even for 1 year, you' have a sensible reason to acquire one. I like how it saves space. Finally, it's easy to mount and install the product.

Why we liked it

  • Efficient and long-lasting 4AA batteries
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy to install and use
  • Space-saving
  • Fast release
  • Adjustable
  • volume dial

Why we didn’t like it

  • A bit expensive as compared to other models

Lantoo Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

Just like other reputable automatic soap dispensers, Lantoo is a hand-free model that perfect for both kitchen and bathroom. It is easy to use and operate it as it features a smart motion infra-red sensor. Your kids will enjoy an exciting time as they use this safer foaming dispenser. Great for kids!  More than that, it works well with any soap. Whichever is your favorite liquid soap, Latoo will turn it into a luxurious soap automatically.

Significantly, it has an adjustable volume to choose from. In simple terms, you can select any of two levels 0.6 ml and 1,2ml each time. When it comes to saving space this automatic soap dispenser is an ideal for offices, kitchen, counter or bathroom. When I first purchased it several weeks ago, I got a 1-whole year warranty. I would suggest you get it also and enjoy the manufacturer's best customers service and full support.

Why we liked it

  • Hand-free model
  • Easy to use
  • Saves space
  • Perfect for bathroom, offices, counter or kitchen
  • Works under the smart-motion infra-red sensor
  • Easy mounting

Why we didn’t like it

  • At times it fails to work with thick liquids

ELECHOK Soap Dispenser-Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

The new version by the name ELECHOK is modern soap dispenser that applies infrared technology. This model takes a stylish and unique design that beautifully fits any decor including kitchen and bathroom. Also, it automatically detects your hands, making it suitable for use. Still, using your hands, you can control the desired amount of soap. Thanks to the large capacity that helps you to save your money and time. This means that you don't have to keep on refilling it constantly.

The model comes with 4AA batteries making it portable. Furthermore, this soap dispenser features full protection base that is not only leak-proof but also waterproof. It adopts 3A class waterproof technology to automatically prevent water or soap from corroding circuit's boards. One good thing about it is that ELECHOK is compatible with all kinds of soap. As you purchase it, you’ll enjoy 3-months refund and lifetime service.

Why we liked it

  • Fits any décor including kitchen and bathroom
  • Portable
  • Saves money and water (energy efficient)
  • High-quality foam soap dispenser
  • Stylish design to ensure high performance
  • Compatible with any soap

Why we didn’t like it

  • The battery needs to be replaced regularly

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Best automatic Soap Dispenser (Buyer Guide)

You don’t have to make a purchase blindly without knowing the things to consider? Some shoppers do buy various products but later comes to regret. The main reason is that they never looked for key features when ordering these products. After testing and reviewing, we've come up with key factors to consider before buying your best model.


Different automatic soap dispensers are made from different materials including plastic, steel, and chrome. Always, it is advisable to choose a model made from a strong, sturdy, high-quality and durable material. With this, you're guaranteed long-service from such a product. Also, soaps have various fragrances. Some come with ingredients that are so sensitive to our skin. Just buy the units that cause no skin allergies.


This is another non-negotiable features. Before you ask for the dispenser, just consider the size of the refill. As a matter of fact, most refills range from 700-4500ml. If you want to use a model in a high and crowded area, choose a larger refill dispenser. However, if it’s about your small kitchen stick with a small one.

Know Your Soap

Remember that not all automatic soap dispensers are the same. For instance, some will work well on foam soaps, others will work on a particular type of soap. Make sure you're on the safer side buy obtaining a unit that can withstand most kind of soaps.


A dispenser will either use electricity or rechargeable battery. Choose a model that is capable of using both. In case there are power outages, you can still benefit.

Washing hands properly


Q1. How Does Automatic Soap Dispenser work?

The automatic soap dispenser is not only a great innovation but also works perfectly. It keeps your hands clean. I thank the technology applied in developing them. What you do is; push on a button, then have fun cleaning as you wash your hands. Gently, the soaps enter your hands effortlessly

Q2. What Are the Automatic Soap Dispenser’s Benefits?

As mentioned, the dispensers come with very many benefits that you and your family will like. Some people use bar soap or manual soap but this one is of great things. It stops the contamination and transferring terms between users. Remember that you don’t have to touch anything when using it. Therefore, no spreading of bacteria.

Q3. How Do I Maintain The Automatic Soap Dispenser?

General maintenance is always a need when it comes to the dispenser. You would want your model to serve you well and even stay longer, so there is a need to basically maintain it. Just turn off the dispenser, open the lid, then empty the dispenser. After that, clean the tank and trigger the model to ensure everything is okay. Eventually, you mount it to your preferred location.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing various automatic soap dispenser, we’ve discovered their benefits. Also, there are key factors to consider before making a final decision. All the 5 picks are among the best in this niche hence they can offer you the reliable services you need. Of all, our best pick is Simplehuman 8 oz. 

This model is great for any space like the kitchen, bathroom, counter or even offices. It ensures messy-free environment. Also, this brand is easy to use and maintain and has a stylish design that fits any décor. Don't forget that it has a sensitive sensor with high-speed activation. Get it and thank me later. 

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